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Among Us is a collection of short
ghost stories for middle readers
and up. They are classic, spooky
stories sure to give you the
willies on a dark and stormy night!
Among Us Journal One is
available now on Kindle and
coming soon...
Among Us Journal Two with all
new eerie ghost tales!
Buggy Bites is a collection of fun
poems for young children. Each
poem is written about bugs from a
"bug's eye view" and is
accompanied by a colorful
Find out what that spider is
thinking when he's crawling
across his web!
Buggy Bites is now available on
Amazon for your Kindle.
Rhymes to Scare Your
Jammies Off is a poetry
collection for young children.
Each poem deals with the
child's need to confront their
imagination in order to solve
the scary (but, not TOO scary!)
conflict within the poem.
Rhymes to Scare Your
Jammies Off is available now on
Amazon for Kindle.